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Have The Best Immersive Gaming Experience With Excellent Gaming Monitors

Best Gaming Monitors 2022

If you are in the search of the best gaming monitor then your search ends here. These monitors are specially designed for PC games. With this, your gaming experience will be more vivid, and also this brings so much comfort to your eyes. Choosing the right monitor is also important for playing the game comfortably. Especially in highly competitive games such as FPS games and fighting games, the performance of the monitor is directly linked to the outcome. This page details the basics you need to know before you buy a gaming monitor. If you are thinking about replacing your monitor in the near future, please refer to it.

What is Gaming Monitors?

It is optimized for games, such as being able to display smoothly even when there is a fierce battle with an enemy in an FPS game, and displaying without delay even in a fighting game. Various functions are installed depending on the monitor, such as adjusting dark scenes for easy viewing and selecting the color to suit your taste. On a general monitor, the display may look clunky, the screen may be difficult to see depending on the stage, and stress may build up. If you enjoy it casually, you may ignore the slight clutter. However, if you have a desire to “become stronger” or “go to a higher rank”, consider the introduction of a gaming monitor essential.

How to Choose Gaming Monitors?

From here, we will explain what to check when choosing a gaming monitor. The main points are the following 5 points.

5 Points for choosing a monitor

  • Screen size
  • Resolution
  • Refresh rate
  • Sync technology
  • Panel type

Why Pick a Curved Screen? 

On the off chance that you have been to IMAX theatres cinemas previously, then you must feel the tremendous picture quality. If you are amazed by it then that’s the specialty of the curved screen. 

Benefits of Curved Desktop monitors

  • With the Curved screen, you are in the centre of the action.
  • With your peripheral vision now take complete advantage.
  • This theory is also the same when it comes to the PC with a curved monitor.
  • This is the type of monitor with which you can focus on the field of view because it is warped around the field.  
  • You can see a greater amount of the screen in a glance.
  • Experience deeper immersion without distortion with a curved monitor.
  • You can feel much closer action also, cause the technique helps you to focus on the entire screen without shifting your eyes from one position to another.
  • The biggest benefit that you as a user get is that curved monitors are so comfortable for your eyes. 
  • The curvature property will make you fit more into your field of view.
  • Along with this on your screen, you can also find a dramatic reduction of glare.
  • So that you can use your monitor for a long period of time because this helps to reduces eye strain.

Let’s understand Curvature in a better way

In the event that you feel that the curved screen is just made by twisting the different sides of the screen towards the centre, at that point you are mistaken. Not every single curved screen are made like this. In the event that the curvature is not too large, then there is not any difference between using a normal desktop gaming curved monitor. Also, the screen bend must not be too large if it happens then that may destroy the image quality. 

Bended screens have various degrees of curvature which are appraised at qualities, for example, 1500R, 1800R, 3000R, or 4000R. Here the number represents the radius of the curved monitor in millimetre. Always remember the smaller is the number the greater curvature you find. So what is the ideal shape, you may inquire? All things considered since the natural eye has a scope of about 1000R, then the rate that is nearer to 1000R will be better. So generally according to us, we suggest 1500R curved desktop monitor.

Are you curious about the curved monitor suitable for you or not?

If you are a gaming person who loves to enjoy the immersion of high-quality audio-video then choosing a curved monitor is highly recommended. With the increasing demand for this, in the market, you can find a huge number of curved PC monitors now. Here is one of our recommendations CV27F is a beautiful 1500R, a curved monitor with an elegant design that uses an 8-bit VA panel that supports 90% of DCI-P3. Buy it now here!

Flat Gaming Monitors

Generally, expert gamers prefer curved monitors to flat monitors. But still, if you are in search of a Flat monitor then one of the best choices we can tell is AORUS FI27Q-P Gaming Monitor. From the AORUS brand developed by GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY (Headquarters: Taiwan) , the HBR3 compliant gaming LCD “AORUS FI27Q-P” of DisplayPort ver1.4 has appeared. When connected to DisplayPort, it achieves a refresh rate of 165Hz at WQHD (2,560 x 1,440 dots) resolution, display colors of 1,073 million colors, and HDR output at the same time. We will approach the appeal of the latest high-spec gaming display.

This has WQHD gaming LCD compatible with HBR3 and 1ms / 165Hz.

GIGABYTE’s lineup of gaming LCDs is roughly divided into flat type 27-inch and 25-inch sizes, and curved type 27-inch sizes. All of them are driven at refresh rates above 144Hz. However, it is equipped with DisplayPort 1.4 compatible with HBR3 with a bandwidth of 32.4 Gbps, and it is the flat type introduced this time that can simultaneously realize WQHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 dots), refresh rate 165 Hz, 1,073 million colors, HDR output. Only the 27-inch size “AORUS FI27Q-P” and the curved type 27-inch size “AORUS CV27Q” are available.

The liquid crystal panel uses an IPS non-glare type with little change in viewing angle and excellent color reproducibility. As mentioned earlier, the refresh rate is up to 165Hz, the response speed is 1ms (MPRT), the brightness is 350 cd / , and the static contrast is 1,000: 1. In addition to being compliant with DisplayHDR 400, the color depth is 8 bits and the technology (FRC) that expands the display colors is used to pseudo support approximately 1,073,740,000 colors (8bit + FRC). Furthermore, the color gamut is a high-end model that covers 95% of DCI-P3, which is a wide color gamut for digital cinema.

Display synchronization technology is compatible with AMD “FreeSync Premium” and has acquired NVIDIA “G-SYNC Compatible” certification. In both AMD and NVIDIA environments, you can set up synchronization with a compatible graphics card. Features for gaming include “ANC 2.0” that reduces the ambient noise of connected headsets and microphones and enables clear voice chat, “Black Equalizer 2.0” that suppresses exposure and raises the brightness and contrast of dark areas, and motion blur. It is equipped with “Aim Stabilizer” that reduces the amount of noise and enhances visibility.

In addition, it supports GIGABYTE‘s original LED illumination function “RGB Fusion 2.0” and OSD desktop application “AORUS OSD SIDE KICK” . It also has flicker-free technology that suppresses flicker on the screen and a blue light cut function that reduces the strain on the eyes. There are three input interfaces, DisplayPort 1.4 x 1 and HDMI 2.0 x 2.

The “AORUS FI27Q-P” also has a low-priced model “AORUS FI27Q” with different specifications. Basic specifications such as screen size, resolution, response speed, and refresh rate are the same. On the other hand, DisplayPort is Ver 1.2 that supports up to HBR2, and “ANC” and “Black Equalizer” are also one generation ago.

We recommend you before buying the monitor you research about it properly always focus on your demands then go to buy it. Visit the huge collection of Pc components on Gaming PC Built , your one-stop solution for customized gaming PC or Desktop.


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