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Pc Gaming Stations At Home Let’s Build The Best Gaming Setup Together!

Let’s play the battle in your home, with more space and more fun. Create your gaming station in your home. Surely as a pro gamer, you also imagine it many times. Design a high-end gaming station is truly state of the art. Welcome to the guide for creating the perfect gaming station


Surely you will have seen some online gaming stations, perhaps on Reddit or Pinterest, some look like spaceships, others are simple and minimal, depending on your space, taste, needs, and budget you will have to decide how to structure your game room and believe me, it will be a long and tiring but also stimulating and engaging process and expensive.


It will take weeks to collect ideas, design your spaces, buy components and put it all together to create your new gaming station, don’t be in a hurry, also plan according to your funds, set yourself goals to buy the various components and save money if you have to. So Let’s move on to the practical part.


1. First Thing First: Budget

The first thing you have to do is Define your budget, Always you must remember that if you do not have a large enough budget at your disposal it is better to build your gaming setup step by step without exaggerating. So research and choose the type of gaming station you want.

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2. Components Of The Gaming Stations

At this point, you will have more or less an idea of ​​what the final result of your station should be. Now let’s see, what are the fundamental components that you will have to choose to create it?

  • PC Desk
  • Gaming Chair
  • Gaming Monitors
  • Gaming Keyboard
  • Gaming PC/RIG

Let’s go one by one the components:

a) PC Desk


Based on the design you have chosen, you will need to find a desk that best suits your project, large enough to fit in the room. Probably buying a desk will not be enough, you will have to equip it with various options to make it functional, tidy and elegant, but let’s start with the most important piece, the desk. The gaming desk has some features that help us manage cables and organize our workstation and allow us to keep the gaming workstation compact.


Unfortunately, they are expensive and not too big. The ideal gaming desk must be wider than the monitors you are going to install. Otherwise, objects such as speakers and any other accessories will remain in front of the monitors.


b) Gaming Chair




Now that the desk is taking shape and order we need a very important object, a gaming chair, or better still ergonomic. For a long time, the importance of a good seat to play has been underestimated, but the chair directly affects our health, and if we spend many hours at the PC to play or work it is essential to have a quality chair that helps us to maintain correct posture and avoid back pain and other problems.


The best chairs on the market are undoubtedly ergonomic ones, which qualitatively speaking are better than gaming chairs but also cost more. A gaming chair is a good solution and helps us to maintain correct posture, an ergonomic chair helps us twice as much, has better ventilation, and costs twice as much as a gaming chair.



c) Gaming Monitor for Your Desk

Pc Gaming Stations At Home Let's Build The Best Gaming Setup Together! | Gaming PC Built

The monitor (s) is also one of the most important aspects of a gaming setup and here we can assure you that the choice is not easily summarized in a few lines as done previously.

Probably you’ve already got an idea of ​​what kind of location you want, whether a mono monitor, gaming monitor, giant monitor, curved monitor, 4k. dual monitor or triple monitor or mixed. There is something to indulge in here, as long as your budget allows it and that your gaming PC can run your favorite games with multi-monitor or 4k configurations but this evaluation is beyond the scope of this article. We would like to describe those monitors in another article, wait for us.

As mentioned above, you could also buy more than one monitor and make a multi-monitor gaming station.

Go on!

d) Gaming Keyboard to Choose

A good mechanical keyboard (possibly), full of lights and LEDs, can never be missing in a self- respecting gaming station because we know: even the appearance plays its part!

There are many models of keyboards on the market and it would be extremely limiting to recommend only one.

The gaming keyboard is a fundamental part of our workstation, both from a practical and an aesthetic point of view. The selection of the keyboard should be more related to the type of player you are and the type of games you usually use rather than the look of the station.

You can find a Full key gaming keyboard, Tenkeyless gaming keyboard, and Wireless gaming keyboard in the market. Choose according to your choice.

e) Gaming PC/RIG Configurations

There are so many other PC configurations like motherboard, power supply, RAM, and SSD to prepare your gaming station. If you already set your mind to create it then Gaming PC Built is all set to help you.

There are gaming configurations for every price range with both the AMD and NVIDIA variants. If you don’t know which gaming case to choose, you can settle for the one recommended in our official configurations.

Let’s build a setup together!

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